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((Finally got my wig today. Took a ton of pictures, too. xDD

Megurine Luka from Just Be Friends~

No makeup or photoshop here, guys. I’m lazy and stuff so yeah. xP))

Every one this is my amazing friend Karina. she’s one of the best cosplayers at my school and every one should know about her.

Commence the worshiping.

Life’s just awesome right now

I’m back home with my family, we’re moving to our new house, and my mum just became a pilot.


My friend Karina and I will be attending a convention in August. A magical convention that used to be held in our local college but then was moved for reasons. It’s called Kin Yoobi con and YES, we do plan to cosplay. I’m going to keep her cosplay a secret for reasons and I’ll attempt to go as Korra. Hopefully I can buy a cosplay on line (because the only thing I can make are props) and hang out with the cool kids at the conventions.

If you happen to be there, come up and say “HI K8!!! I KNOW YOU FROM THE INTERWEBS AND STUFF” and we’ll soar into the sunset and enjoy our time together forever and ever.

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